Why do I need a Business Continuity Program – to understand your business

You say you already understand your business; you started it many years ago or have been its CEO for a long time. You have been involved in its growth and prosperity. What can a Business Continuity Program tell you that you don’t already know?

Because you have been so close to the business and because it has grown, you may not be actually seeing what is really there.

Do you know what the critical activities are that must be performed on a daily basis? What are the consequences if they are not finished on time? Who needs the information that is produced by these activities; both internal and external users? What penalties do you face if this information is not provided?

From a human resources perspective, who performs these activities and what happens when that person is away? Are there trained backup people? Are the manuals and documentation up-to-date and readily available?

Maybe you have activities that were started when the company was young and growing. Have you outgrown these activities but are still completing them because they are part of the business?

By implementing a Business Continuity Program and completing the Business Impact Analysis, you will gain a better understanding of what is really important to your business and what needs to be protected.

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