Why aren’t you building or testing your Pandemic Plans?

The H1N1 Pandemic has been out of the mainstream news for a while now. There are still some areas reporting isolated cases but there are no signs of the widespread pandemic that was supposed to occur.

Many companies had developed Pandemic response plans when the pandemic level was raised by the WHO. These plans have been built, published and are now sitting on a shelf in some office and will not be dusted off and reviewed until the next H1N1 wave or the next virus arrives.

In this quiet time, you should be testing your plans to ensure that they will actually accomplish what they were designed to do – keep your company operational with reduced staff levels.

People have time to actually participate in the test and consultants are available to help design and run the test.

If you haven’t built a plan, now is the time to develop the document. Again, people and consultants are available to get the plans right before they are required.

Companies do not take advantage of the time between pandemics or disasters to prepare. They always believe that they survived the last event and that their “luck” will hold for future events.

Trying to develop a recovery strategy during an event is like trying to buy fire insurance as your building burns to the ground. It doesn’t work very well.

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