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I help busy Entrepreneurs and Business Owners create balanced personal and business financial plans.
Michael is a Financial Planner that focuses on Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners. He helps them with Financial Planning to build and protect wealth and avoid any significant blind spots that may deflate their primary objective… running their business.

►►► Are you a Small Business Owner who has been laser-focused on your business and have not had a chance to look at the overall financial impact?
Chances are you are still relying on annual income tax filing and your business planning to feel good about your financial future.

While both the business plan and income tax filings are an incredibly critical part of a business, most business owners ignore (or are unaware) of the implication your business can have on your Financial Plan.

Have you thought about the following?
►Are you using all the tax efficient methods to ensure all your hard earned business income gets directed towards your future plans?
►Have you thought about business succession and how that impacts your tax, cash flow and transition to retirement?

► What are the impacts to your business and personal plans when life gets in the way?

Financial Planning for Business Owners is a two-sided coin: The Personal Financial Plan & The Business Financial Plan and how they work together. The reality is Business owners get in business to achieve their life’s goal…be it freedom, retirement, leaving a legacy, etc.

When it comes to Financial Planning, Business owners are much more complex than individuals. Issues that need to be addressed include: Tax laws, Income splitting, business continuity planning, estate planning, family protection, passive income tax management, insurance, retirement planning, capital gains tax reduction, foreign asset, cash flow management, asset protection, employee protection, etc.

Years in industry 10
Target industries Business Owners


“It is so hard to find someone reliable, honest, and always on top of things nowadays - but we are so happy to have you as our adviser. Most importantly, we appreciate your communication and updates - we no longer feel left in the dark anymore (as compared to our experience with our previous adviser)”. Paul and Gloria S.

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