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Cory Haynes
Regional Director

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  • Phone :905-760-9889 ext 503
  • Services :SR&ED Tax Credits,
    E-Business Tax Credits,
    Direct Funding,
    Property Tax Optimization


Your Company is More Profitable Than You Think

Alma CG offers companies unique, tailored solutions to boost profits by increasing innovation funding and reducing operational costs.

We specialize in improving your profitability without investing capital, changing your operational structure, or compromising your commercial strategy.

We generate additional funding and sustainable savings by taking an in-depth look at your R&D funding and operating costs using the expertise of our local and global specialists.

Years industry 10 years
Target industries  All Canadian Companies


“We selected Alma because of their unique perspective on the SR&ED program. We felt comfortable working with them due to their expertise and close ties with the CRA. Because of this, it was a hassle free process that got us our maximum refund.”
A Director of Finance in the manufacturing industry

“Very professional and knowledgeable. At all times I have found our consultant to be dependable, accurate, and having great communication skills. Our consultant distinguished herself by consistently submitting thoroughly detailed and well written reports for all our R&D processes. Excellent!”
A President in the fashion industry

“Alma was able to deliver results above and beyond our expectations with very little impact on my team.”
A Co-founder and Co-owner in the fashion industry

“We have had a great experience working with Alma for the past 7 years. The savings they have been able to obtain for us exceeded our expectations, and the documentation system they implemented within our company means that we will be well-prepared if we are ever audited. We are pleased to be able to continue this professional relationship in the coming years and highly recommend their services.”
An Operations Manager in the bio-fuel industry

“Alma Consulting… is actively working to help us plan for the coming year with the changes with the submission process. We did investigate using other services providers last fall and decided to stay with Alma based largely on the service provided and the sense of security we have knowing Alma will deal with any audit issue for us.”
A Senior Consultant in the Software Industry

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