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Linda Kern
Sales Growth Strategist

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  • Phone :416-520-4897
  • Services :Sales team development leading to increased sales results, guaranteed.

Sales Results Delivered

An investment in sales training should increase your sales! Our method guarantees this success.

After just 60 days a team of sales professionals with whom we worked realized $200K in new business. By month 6 the team exceeded our goal and hit $2.7 million! They said:

“With Linda’s help I have been more successful in reaching C-level decision makers & engaging them in meaningful business conversations. As a result, I am about to sign multi-million dollar contracts with some of Canada’s most successful companies.”

“By using your sales strategies I gained 6 meetings with new prospects that I never would have gotten.”

“I just confirmed another $16K in new business…the new business development strategies and methodologies are working.”

Our clients value our fifteen years of sales experience and appreciate that we know how adults learn & change their habits. It is also important to them that their sales people are not learning theory, but practical skills & concepts that can be implemented immediately. We take the time to build a respectful two-way rapport so that the sales reps don’t feel talked down to.

Here’s how our sales training methodology can work in your sales organization:

  1. Analyze Your Customers Buying Process and Your Sales Process
  2. Diagnose the Team’s Strengths and Opportunities for Improvement
  3. Define Success Measures
  4. Design a Customized Program
  5. Implement Training, Coaching, Mentoring and Accountability

Our learning strategy includes coaching and mentoring the sales leaders to ensure they provide the support the sales people need. We also engage the CEO, President or VP Sales to elevate the profile of project and ensure it is a priority in the minds of all involved.

If you believe in investing in your sales people let us help you develop the right training strategy. Improved sales results are guaranteed.

Years in industry 20+ years
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Linda Kern truly cares about the success of her clients and their businesses. This was immediately clear to me after I hired her to help accelerate the growth of my business. Year to date through August my sales are up more than 80%! Need I say more? Jim Young, Business Owner, Proforma Multi-Media Marketing

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