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  • Phone :647-980-3124
  • Services :Developing or polishing core competencies skills/leadership skills of individuals, Supporting them further into implementing tools learnt and holding them accountable to competition.

Better Ideas Lead to Better Business

Going beyond training by holding Mangers accountable to implementation plan

A successful business starts with leadership. When a business is in hands of a good leader, it can be felt with high morale, good employee retention, and sustainable long-term success. You don’t have to be a super-man or wonder-woman but a leader with unique skills embedded deep inside.

Crestcom’s program, The Bullet Proof Manager, is a process that a manager can master one-by-one to develop,refine leadership skills. It is a great tool that you as a true leader can provide to your teams and promote productivity and efficiencies. 

Join me in developing leaders in yours and every company around you.

Years in industry  14



“… The members of our management team who have been enrolled in the Bullet Proof Manager program have learned a great deal and I believe are performing more effectively in their leadership roles. We have already seen the benefits that are a direct result of your course…”
By President & CEO
J.D. Barnes Ltd.

“…We are 50% more profitable as a company than prior to enrolling myself and our senior management team in the Bullet Proof Manager program, and certainly some credit for this is due to Crestcom and this program. We have documented over $500K in cost savings, productivity improvements, and revenue gains since starting the program, and we have not completed it yet."
-President & CEO,
Top Drawer Creative

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