Open Categories


Below is a list of the categories currently open in our Chapter. If you represent one of these industries, or knows someone who does, we’d love to see you at one of our meetings.


Graphic Designer Commercial Property Manager
Commercial Banker Commercial Interior Designer/Builder
Mergers & Acquisitions Consultant Office Supplier
Non-commercial Lawyer Cabling Services Provider
App Developer Health and Safety Consultant
Office Manager Professional/Sales/Executive Recruiter
Wills and Succession Planning Lawyer Virtual Assistant
Commercial Real Estate Lawyer Commercial Real Estate Financing
Executive and Product Photography Employment/Labour Relations Lawyer
Leasing Company Fleet Services Environment Lawyer
Leasing Company Manufacturing Equipment Lean Manufacturing/ISO Consultant
Documents Records/Shredding Company Sign Company
General web/classroom Training Firm Commercial HVAC
Corporate Policy Manual Writer Bookkeeper

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Upcoming Presentations and Meetings

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