Business Continuity planning is becoming more important

Small and medium sized businesses are finding out that Business Continuity is becoming a key issue. The worst may never happen, but if it does you need to be prepared. Many organizations have been affected by the recent disasters and weather events. Many SMEs are now questioning whether they would be able to continue to operate in the event of a major incident. A key part of the business planning process is the ability to anticipate and effectively manage potential threats.

When a crisis arises, knowing how to react and respond is critical as it can result in either success or failure and ultimately determine whether or not your business is able to survive and prosper.

The real threat of malicious damage, fire, theft, flood, acts of terrorism and accidental damage, both physical and virtual has increased significantly. As a result, a series of ‘what if’ questions should be considered:

• What would you do if your Internet connection was unavailable?
• What would you do if you were unable to access your building or computer systems?
• What would you do if a virus invaded your system or corrupts the data held?
• What would happen if you were unable to communicate with customer, partners or suppliers?

These questions all require a specific answer and to deal with them successfully requires effective planning. Talking to a Business Continuity consultant is a good start. Many will give you an opinion of how much time, effort and money is involved in developing your Business Continuity Program.

Business continuity is a kind of insurance, the worst may never happen, but if it does you need to be prepared.

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