A good business video takes more than just pointing a camera at something

Video for business is suffering from the blessing and curse of “do-it-yourself” mentality. Many people see being able to buy an HD video camera and computer capable of editing at your local electronics store as a blessing. But I believe
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A family in so many ways

It occurred to me today that we, BNI Corporate Strategic Partners, have created a family which holds a regular reunion every Tuesday at noon. A group of people dedicated to listening to each others goals and hoping to make a
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Cold Calling is Dead, 5 Steps to Master Social Selling

Social selling, also referred to as social networking or marketing, is the way that business is going. Hard sales, cold calls, and trying to push people ‘over the edge’ isn’t going to be effective in today’s society. People have changed
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Thinking of a Website Redesign? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Now

There are many reasons why your website may to undergo a makeover, including a company re-brand, an upgrade to the Content Management System, or maybe it just needs a fresh look and a little tweaking. The following tips will help
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Mailman delivers cash flow, don’t count on it!

But is the cash flowing at the speed you need or want it to?  Do you wait to pay your suppliers? Struggle to meet payroll? Delay important decisions based on the lack of control over the best asset your business
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